Dr. Roshaun O'Bryant, D.D., Pastor & Founder

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The body of Christ has received a new gift from God, The Anointed and Appointed Bishop Roshaun O'Bryant. Bishop O’Bryant is an end time messenger for today's church who has been divinely ordered by God to come with a Rhema word that will change the lives of the bound, the afflicted, and the abused.  Bishop O'Bryant acknowledged his call to the ministry at the young age of 16 which helps to promote one of the primary focus areas that God has placed in his heart. Bishop O'Bryant has a desire to see the youth and young adults of this day walk in total wholeness and deliverance, exemplifying a life that will demonstrate God’s ability to sustain them in every area.

Although Bishop O'Bryant grew up in one of the most disadvantage areas of Houston, the hand of God proves evident over his life with his many accomplishments. He often teaches that his struggles have anointed him for his success. With the help of God, Bishop O'Bryant has a degree in the Travel and Hospitality Industry which has allowed him to hold a position as one of the first, youngest General Managers in the world’s largest Property Management Company.

Bishop O’Bryant is most humbled by his appointment to the sacred office of Bishop by his leader, teacher and mentor, Bishop H. M. Bolden of The New Rock of Salvation Holiness Churches Inc. Bishop O’Bryant serves as a faithful son to his spiritual covering and has been set as the Youth Coordinator for the diocese’s annual Redeemed Youth & Young Adult Conference. Bishop is a devoted father to one daughter and a loving husband to First Lady Gracie O'Bryant, an anointed speaker, highly sought after psalmist and founder of The Pool of Life Community Church Women's Ministry.

When asked what the vision is for The Pool of Life Community Church, Bishop O’Bryant’s vision is uncompromisingly clear; to do as Jesus did - to seek and save those which are lost, (Luke 19:10).

Furthermore, The Pool of Life Church has been set as a place where all barriers are destroyed. Men, women, boys, and girls can come and be made whole!